How is Shay similar to Mila?  How is she different?  Why is it that Shay cannot feel the music?

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  1. Shay

    They are similar because they both did not know much human, they were different because shay did not like the music and mila did. 144

  2. Shay was raised in the wild just like Mila was. But Mila is that only feral girl that is making progress. Also Shay does not come from the music Mila does and I remember Shay braking Mila’s recorder. pg. #65

  3. I agree with you on some points, Kiele. Shay was raised in the wild, and Shay does not come from the music. However, Mila did stop making progress. Maybe she stopped later than Shay did because dolphins are one of the more humanlike creatures in the world. Maybe Mila comes from the music because it’s a talent of hers. Like how some people are natural singers, writers, bookworms (hint, hint) and drawers.

  4. I think shay is a little similar but not to much because shay did not make any more progress. Shay also has really bad memory and I don’t think Mila has bad memory. How they are similar they (Shay and Mila)are both wild children.

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