The scientists feel they have the right to capture Mila in the name of scientific study.  Do you agree?  Why or why not?

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  1. I don’t think the scientists have the to capture Mila in the name of a scientific study. I think this because Mila is a human and has human feelings. I think it would have been fine to rescue Mila and try to have her live an almost normal life.
    – Zain

    • The page number I got this evidence from was 115 and 132-134 when they locked the door of her room. Also I agree with Sophia that the scientists did the right thing by getting Mila from the island because you can’t leave a person stranded on island. When they got back they should’t have treated Mila like she was a science project or some experiment on an animal. I think they should have gave Mila more freedom.
      – Zain

      • Zain, then what would you have them treat her like? unlock the outside door so she could wander out and possibly get hit by a car? Also, you spelled my name wrong. It’s S-o-f-i-a.

  2. The scientists might feel like they have a right to capture Mila but they’re wrong. You can’t capture and own a human. It’s just wrong. Pages: 115, 134

  3. I think that the scientists did not have the right to capture Mila. Would you like to live on your house and then a ton of people come and take you away, away from your family away form your friends, away from all the people you know and love

  4. No, I don’t think the scientists have the right to take Mila away for scientific study. Because Mila is human, and humans have rights. I think she should have some say, even though she doesn’t know many words.

  5. I totally agree with all of you guys but also:
    consider that when Mila first came to them, she didn’t know how to talk, she didn’t have any knowelege of how to survive in the human world, and a discovery of a human person couldn’t be kept quiet for long. What would you do if you spotted a human child on a island? Leave her alone, thinking that you shouldn’t disturb her human rights, or rescue her? I agree with you guys that they shouldn’t treat her like an experiment, but what would you have them do?

  6. I believe that the Scientists did not have the right to capture Mila in the name of a scientific study. She had no choice of being captured at all. The life that she led while being examined made her lose everything she was, Music. On page 151 it says: “But it doesn’t matter. My music is fading. Inside me, everything is fading.” this shows that even Mila was conscious that her music was fading, and it is very hard to admit your flaws. “I am trapped inside the glass of the door” (page 109) They don’t even trust her enough to let her out. If you were studying someone, you should be able to trust them, or else you might just give up.

  7. I agree with Zain. Mila is a human the goverment cant claim her. I also think mila did not want to go on page 5 she was banging the window and screaming.

  8. I think that sometimes scientists go a little overboard.  They have come up with amazing inventions; but we must always have some humanity.  I mean, when Albert Einstein created the atomic bomb, he regretted it because of all the lives it cost.  The scientists wanted to control Mila, but to them, she was nothing more than a pet, a lab rat. Doctor Beck felt like that too, and you can figure that out in page 132, where Justin says ” My mother likes to be in control”.  Mila was losing her kindness, her innocence, until Doctor Beck managed to retain her humanity.  If you are doing something for the name of science, you must have a conscience to make sure you don’t do anything bad. The scientists in the book, though, tried to control Mila as much as possible, and threatened Doctor Beck that if she helped Mila, then she would go to prison.

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