What does music mean to Mila?

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  1. I think mila loves music so much because her pass experience with music such as whale and dolphin cries.When mila plays her recorder she makes songs and says that they remind her of her dolphin family in the ocean.

  2. Music means everything to Mila. It means everything to her because she plays music that reminds her of the sea, her home. On page 142 Mila says, “I no longer need to read the music like letters and words and sentences on a page. I speak it.” That quote shoes how much she plays music, and how much it means to her because she is saying that she speaks music like a language.

  3. The music means to Mila that she can here whales in the music and she loves the music because it reminds her of home. Doctor Beck gave Mila a tape recorder for her to listen to the whale music whenever she wants. (Page: 30) And Mila has a strong feeling in the music and she learns how to dance to it too. (Page: 53)

  4. The world. Mila loves music like it is life. When she is getting more human she is getting better at playing music. When she is getting less human her recorder broke. She love the music of Mozart and the music of the whales.I think that is part of the reason the book is named The Music Of Dolphins. Mila love music of the dolphins and she love music

  5. The music means everything to Mila. When she lived with the dolphins they would squeak a chirp and that sounds like music to her. When she was with Doctor Beck and Sandy by the pool and they played the music Mila was very excited to hear this music. Especially since she lived with the dolphins and they were playing whale music on the recording. That must have sounded close to dolphin music to Mila. When they gave her the recorder, Mila wasn’t too sure what it was and what to do with it. When she learned how to play it and start to make music she started to feel more involved in the music around her. On page 66 it’s when she’s first learning how to play. Doctor Beck told her that Doctor Peach could teach her to make it better. On page 123 Mila learned how to play a song on her recorder. She told Doctor Beck, Doctor Peach, Doctor Troy, Shay, Sandy, and Justin to listen to her play. When she is finished it says that she hears something inside of them and something that’s good.

  6. Music means the world to Mila. When Mila first learned how to play recorder she was extadic. It was the best thing that’s ever happend to her. When mila lisens to music it brings Mila to her happy place it reminds her of the sea,of her dolphin family. It brings her happyness and it show’s that through out the book.

  7. Music to Mila is like her best friend. When she got the recorder, she always wanted to play all day and night. The trigger that made Mila stop improving was when Shay broke her recorder on page 135 and 136. I think that she stopped improving because it was like she lost her best friend. That caused Mila to take her anger out on the punching man.

  8. I agree with Avi, music was like Mila’s best friend, but it was so much more. Music was something Mila was comforted by, something she could count on, really the only thing she could count on. All of Mila’s life was messed up, she was raised by dolphins, and then she was captured and taken to be an experiment. Mila could confide in music, when she was sad she could play music and calm herself down, when she was angry she could calm herself down by playing music. And then suddenly out of the blue the music is taken away from her. Shay breaks Mila’s recorder and the world falls apart for Mila. The music was the most important thing for Mila, it was her only important thing other than the fact that she was a feral child. After she loses the music Mila starts get worse at her work and she doesn’t want to eat. Music was really the only thing Mila lived for, it was the reason that she was the only feral child to keep on getting smarter. Mila mentally dies after the music “leaves” her, it is a bit like Shay. Sometimes I feel like I have no reason to keep going, I think Mila feels this way without the music, she just feels lost and lonely and like Avi said, she feels like she lost her best friend. I don’t think Mila cares about anything at all after the music leaves her, except maybe for Justin. She especially takes it the hardest right after her recorder broke because she used music so much to comfort herself and then she forgot it all, all the music she had was gone from her mind.

  9. Mila loves music so much she wouldn’t sleep, she just listened to music all night. On page 52 Mila says “sandy gives me a miracle today. The miracle is music.” The music means so much to her because it reminds her of the sea. The sounds of human music are like the dolphin music. I think hearing the music makes learning all new information at such a fast rate a lot less stressful than it would be.

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