What does Justin Beck want from Mila?  What does he give Mila?  What does Mila want from Justin?  What does she give him?

5 thoughts on “Justin

  1. Justin Beck does not like it when people touch him. Justin wants Mila to become human as much as Doctor Beck does. Justin knows that Mila loved music a lot, so he gave her a boom box to put in her room and he would just sit in the corner of her room and listen. Mila wants to be close to Justin but as I said he does not like being touched by other people. But she does not understand why. Mila gives him some things to know about dolphin life and she tells him not to be afraid by other people touching him.

  2. Jusin understands Mila more than anyone else. He knows what is worrying Mila, and how to cheer her up. Justin has a connection with Mila. It’s a connection that I can’t explain, but it’s strong.

  3. Justin Beck really just wants to be only friends Mila and does not want her touching him. He gives her friendship though which leads to him to finally be with his mom in a way at the end. It really shows it at the Hump (pages 127-133). Mila although has a different side of the story. She wants to be more than friends. You can see it when they are at the Hump (pages 127-133) she describes how much it really meant to her to be with her dolphin friends and how she thought that Justin could come with her. She gave him love that really Justin could not understand.

  4. I think that Mila like Justin Beck. But really just wants to be only friends. Mila and Justin like to play things out-side like basketball. I think Justin play a very big roll in the book

  5. Mila just wants Justin to be her boy friend (127-133) but Justin likes Mila but not in that way. At the beginning of the book Justin does not like Mila and he tries to avoid her. What Justin really wants is for Dr.Beck to spend more time with him. What Justin wants from Mila is to help him get his mom back. What Mila wants from Justin is for him to be her mate.

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