Dr. Beck

What are Dr. Beck’s motives in studying Mila and Shay?  How does Dr. Beck’s relationship with Mila change during the book?

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  1. Dr.Beck’s relationship with Mila changes when Dr.Beck realized that Mila was human, not a wild animal. She finaly saw Mila as a friend, or a person at least.

  2. I think that at the beginning of the book, Dr. Beck sees Mila as an object. “Something to play with” as Mila says on (I don’t know what page). Later in the book, Mila teaches Dr. Beck and Justin to love each other, and they both start to see Mila as a real human being with feelings. (Justin starts to realize that sooner and more fully than Dr. Beck ever does.) I think that Dr. Beck had good intentions, but she made Mila unhappy and heart-sick for the dolphins. Dr. Beck was trying to learn more about how Mila survived with the dolphins and in that, learn more about the dolphin’s style of life. Like both the Jakes already said, she is also trying to teach Mila and Shay “how to be humans” and recording how they do.

  3. Well, at the beginning in the newspaper clipping, Dr. Beck says : “Feral children are an invaluable resource to study what makes us human. Dr. Beck has built a encampment near the Charles River to simulate a “human” response in these children.” So at first, Dr. Beck only views Mila as a lab experiment. Then, throughout the book, she gradually comes to view Mila as a person.

  4. Well I think Doctor Beck motivates Mila to be human. Also before all Doctor Beck wanted was for Mila to listen to her and to follow to what Doctor Beck was teaching her and that is why Doctor Beck loved Mila so much. At the end Doctor Deck loved Mila for who she is.

  5. At the start of the book, Dr. Beck was treating Mila like an insignificant object that needs be cared for, probably because of her rocky relationship with her son. Then later on, Dr. Beck realizes how different and determined Mila is from other feral children, and warms towards her.

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