The Music of Dolphins On-line Discussion 2nd Hour

Welcome to our on-line discussion of The Music of Dolphins by Karen Hesse.  Please join our virtual conversation by selecting a minimum of 3 – 5 questions which interest you.  You must write responses for our entire class work sessions, so if you quickly finish (not a good idea), you’ll simply be answering many more than 5 questions.  Read all of the comments already made about each question.  Then add NEW information, thoughts, opinions to the discussion.  You may say that you agree with someone, but please do not simply repeat what someone else has written.  Hopefully, our time together on-line will deepen your understanding, expose you to new perspectives, help you make comparisons, and enrich your experience of reading this book.

You must give EVIDENCE when sharing your ideas.  What support do you have for your ideas?  Refer to specific events in the book, and use quotations to prove your points.   Include PAGE NUMBERS whenever possible.

Please write in a word processing document first, and then cut and paste it on to our blog.  This is so you can PROOFREAD before publishing. Use complete sentences, proper grammar, and correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.  Use Spell Check.  Watch your commas!

Many of the questions came from, but I’ve added on to them and also added new questions.


  1. Read all 16 questions.
  2. Select a minimum of 3-5 (but you must write for the entire class session).
  3. Read other people’s comments.  You may not repeat what has already been written.
  4. Add your NEW ideas to the discussion.
  5. Include EVIDENCE.  Describe specific parts of the book and/or include quotations.  Include page numbers of the specific parts and the quotations.
  6. Write first in a word processing document, so you can proofread before publishing.  Content and mechanics count in communicating effectively with others.  Be sure your comment is error-free before you click “Submit comment.”


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